AntiRSI is a program for Mac OS X that helps prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other computer related stress. It does so by forcing you to take regular breaks, yet without getting in the way. It also detects natural breaks so it won't force too many breaks on you.

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AntiRSI is a reminder tool that can be helpful, but it is not a medical device. If you experience problems, please consult a doctor.

New in the app store version


Old version

Version 2.1 is still available Incase you don't care much for the new features. Both are written by me. Notice 2.1 is released under the open-source GPL license

If you have ever donated to AntiRSI, please let me know, and I will send you a promo code to get the appstore version for free, as long as I have those available.


Micro Pause progress keeps on resetting

Usually there can be two causes:

1. Media Players prevent the screensaver from blanking, unfortunatly macosx doesn't have good support for this, so players inject fake events. AntiRSI cannot distinguish these from real events. But most do only one event every few seconds, this AntiRSI can handle. Some do this many times per second. This AntiRSI cannot handle. You can test for this situation by quitting any media player and see if the problem persists.

2. Using an older mouse, or not using a good surface for your mouse. Usually a mouse mat is a good solution. Sometimes speakers can vibrate the surface and move the mouse. You can test for this by turning your mouse upside down, and see if that helps. Or stop the music, see if that helps.

I don't think the time between workbreaks is always the same

Correct! Because AntiRSI detects natural breaks, and nobody works non-stop for a whole hour, usually the Work Break starts a bit later, taking these small pauses into account.

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